André Rieu is coming to U.S. theaters nationwide this Tuesday, August 28th – Read our exclusive interview with him before going to see this breathtaking concert experience!


One of the most popular live acts in the world, Dutch violinist and concert leader, André Rieu, has announced that the film of his 2018 Maastricht concert will premiere in U.S. theaters nationwide for one night only on Tuesday, August 28 as he performs his hometown Maastricht concert with a celebration of love.

Known as “The King of Waltz”, André and his privately owned 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra have toured together for a record breaking 30 years, frequently outperforming major acts like Eric Clapton, Santana, and Taylor Swift in international concert ticket sales. He has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and his popularity in the US is growing rapidly following his recent national sold out tour.

‘Amore, My Tribute to Love’, is André’s testament to his love for music and his love for both of his families; his wife and children, and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. The concert follows last year’s release of the album, ‘Amore’, which topped the U.S. classical music charts and features André’s renditions of classic love songs from the worlds of popular and classical music.

Rieu, Vrijthof, Maastricht

And Latino Edge had the privilege of having an exclusive interview with André Rieu:

Ernesto Altamirano: I have enjoyed your album Amore immensely, and since it’s your tribute to love, I wanted to ask you what was the first song that you ever heard that made your fall in love with music?

André Rieu: I think I have to mention two songs, that made me crazy about music and made me dream of an orchestra of my own in order to perform these songs. First of all, there is “Climb Every Mountain” from the musical “The Sound of Music”. In fact, the whole movie is a masterpiece of course, but this one is very powerful and yet so charming and romantic. The other song is “What is a Youth” from the highly recommended drama “Romeo and Juliet” from Zeffirelli. I recorded this love song several times, but I still can hear it every day. This melody is a jewel by the Italian film composer Nino Rota, who has written many delicious and unforgettable film scores.

Rieu, Vrijthof, Maastricht

EA: In your upcoming concert film, ‘Amore, My Tribute to Love’, was there a specific song that you loved playing most because of the romantic feelings you felt coming from the live audience?

AR: Actually, all the compositions are chosen by my heart. But at these concert evenings I surely felt and saw very strong emotions in the audience during the unique performance by the beautiful soprano Anna Majrchzak of ‚You raise me up‘ , ‚Granada‘ sung by the Platin Tenors and, of course during the most romantic of all songs, Elvis‘ greatest hit: Falling in love. Those are moments I can feel goosebumbs all over! I also have a special surprise for your Latino fans in my upcoming concert because Los del Rio will perform their Megahit ‘Macarena’ and also ‘La Bamba’!

Rieu, Vrijthof, Maastricht

EA: It is said that ‘Amore, My Tribute to Love’ is a testament to the love for both of your families; your wife and children, and your Johann Strauss Orchestra. If you had to pick two songs, which one would you dedicate to your family and which one to your Johann Strauss Orchestra to express this unique love?

AR: For my orchestra, I would choose a Johann Strauss waltz, although I couldn’t mention one (they are all so beautiful). I named my orchestra after the one and only true king of the waltz, therefore, as a tribute, I’d pick a waltz by Johann Strauss. For my own family, I would have to mention this one song from the Carpenters, “Close to you”. That is the only thing I want after a time of touring around the world, being close with them.

Rieu, Vrijthof, Maastricht

EA: Your concert film ‘Amore, My Tribute to Love’ will be on movie screens this August 28th, and if you were able to be with us in the movie theater on this day, what would be a personal message that you’d like to share with us to introduce your concert film?

AR: Please enjoy this unique concert experience, an evening filled with live and beautiful music: wonderful waltzes, well known arias from musicals and operas, famous melodies and so much more. And don’t forget that all emotions are allowed: when you feel joyful, don’t hesitate to laugh, when you feel sad, don’t be ashamed of crying and when you can’t sit still anymore, feel free to dance in the aisles of the cinema!

Rieu, Vrijthof, Maastricht

EA: Is there anything else you’d like to share with my audience at Latino Edge in anticipation of the release of ‘Amore, My Tribute to Love’?

AR: I am so much looking forward to August and September. First the Cinema release and then in September my orchestra and I will be on tour in the U.S. and Canada. It will be such fun to meet our lovely fans again. When you are touched by the melodies and feel the same emotions my orchestra and I feel while performing it, our mission is accomplished!

André Rieu_Amore, My Tribute to Love_Poster_8-28-18 (1)




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