Philip Glass’ Days And Nights Festival presents “Victor Sanchez’s Second Attention, An Interactive Show” – Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018


Second Attention is an interactive show about human development, indigenous wisdom and the power of connecting with nature´s energy fields, in order to experience an unusual modality of attention called the second attention.

This will be an engaging conversation about the magic of attention-shifting as a gateway to breaking free from the constant hijacking of the mind, through the continual stream of messages from electronic devices, advertising and media technology.


By regaining ownership of our attention process, we get the opportunity to access a wider and deeper perspective of self and life, known as heightened awareness.

While the journey to the second attention is at the same time universally accessible, but also almost universally forgotten, we need to look back at some of the practices preserved by some of indigenous communities still alive around the world, which can provide hints for us to build our own pathway back to the second attentionworld.


As an interactive show, those attending will have the opportunity to not just watch, but experience the transformational impact of attention-shifting.

Second Attention is presented by renowned author and researcher Victor Sanchez, who for sixteen years has accompanied Philip Glass in his spiritual quest in remote areas of Mexico and Guatemala.


The show features the Wixarika indigenous musicians from Santa Catarina in Jalisco, Mexico, Daniel Medina de la Rosa and Erasmo Medina Medina and includes the special participation of Philip Glass.

Click here to buy tickets!





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