Orbital, the undefeated champions of British electronic music will be performing at The Midway in San Francisco next Thursday, December 6th – Check out our exclusive interview with Paul Hartnoll from Orbital!


By Ernesto Altamirano

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The widely celebrated iconic electronic duo Orbital will be visiting American shores this December with their first U.S. tour since 2012.  Dates include New York at Brooklyn Steel on December 4, San Francisco at The Midway on December 6 and Los Angeles at The Belasco Theatre on December 8.

The dates are in support of their critically acclaimed LP, “Monsters Exist“, released on September 14th via Believe/ACP Recordings, that topped the UK charts at #12 and the Dance Chart at #1 the week of its release. In the U.S. Orbital landed on the Billboard chart for the first time since 2004, debuting at #24 on Top Dance/Electronic Albums and Monsters scared up a #5 entrance on Dance/ Electronic Album Sales  and opened up on Heatseakers albums at #9.  On both sides of the pond that’s the highest position for the duo since 2001.

The Hartnoll Brothers are playing iconic venues as the tour promises to satisfy long-term fans and newly found supporters. Read our exclusive interview with Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll below.


Latino Edge: We were thrilled here in the California Bay Area when we listened to Orbital’s new album “Monsters Exist”, its title is very powerful because of all the things that we’re currently experiencing. What was it like recording your new album in this current global climate?

Paul Hartnoll: It was a reflection of now. It isn’t so much of a commentary it is an emotional response. It felt like scoring the times. We like to make people think not tell them what to think. The title feels like a warning , like the parts of a medieval map where the unknown is marked with a serpent and the word ‘here be dragons’.  Everyone’s monsters are different , we don’t want to divide people by saying who is and who isn’t a monster, we should all come together knowing that there’s danger out there in human form! Blimey, it’s getting a bit new age now…

Was it a different experience from when you recorded your other albums?

In some ways , I feel older and more sure footed, less influenced by others. It feels more like being Obi Wan Kenobi rather than Luke Skywalker nowadays! 

Paul Hartnoll

Music can be a powerful ally to fight monsters in society. What are some of the songs that you would play in a battle against our current monsters, like intolerance and hate?

Anything by Joni Mitchell – the musical equivalent of a flower placed in the barrel of a gun. 

BUT if I needed something more robust and fighty I’d play Crass – Penis Envy, D.O.A – Liar for Hire and the Deal Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables. 

It’s very exciting that Orbital will be having three live shows in December here in the U.S., specially because one of the cities you’ll be visiting is San Francisco. What are some of the things that you’re most excited about these upcoming shows?

It is really exciting to be playing back in the States again, and at least three of our favourite cites! Looking forward to connection with the U.S. fans again and bringing them the new album and some old favourites too.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with my audience at Latino Edge?

If you’ve seen us before, come again it’ll be even better! If you’ve never seen us and this has got you interested, please come and satisfy your curiosity. It’s much more than a dance music show, it’s an audio visual treat but more importantly it’s an emotional roller coaster!

Don’t miss Orbital at The Midway in San Francisco on Thursday, December 6th!

 Click here to buy tickets for their show!


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