Don’t miss the amazing Dance Kids of Monterey County line-up this weekend with CARMEL POPs! at the Outdoor Forest Theater!


Pieces to Be Performed
Dance Kids of Monterey County 

“Never Let Me Go” 

Choreography by Amanda Casas
Music by Florence & The Machine
Staged by Amanda Casas

Sophia Comello & Ava Kadosh


Choreography by August Bournonville
Music by Holger Simon Paulli
Staged by Philip Pegler

Ava Camargo, Sydney Chu, Audrey Costa, Annabel De Luca, Mia Eriksson, Fiona Fanoe, Alec Giannini, Chloe Haggquist, Madison Hart, Stephanie Hernandez, Dawn Joves, Alexa Julian, Simona Matiyevsky, Sage Melton, Eva Share


Choreography by Patrick Pulkrabek
Music by Sonya Kitchell
Staged by Ashley Rutherford

Devin Ellis, Mia Eriksson, Alec Giannini, Stephanie Hernandez, Paloma Kasad, Sage Melton, Eva Share

The Nutcracker – Act II “Sugar Plum Fairy” 

Choreography by Lev Ivanov
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Staged by Philip Pegler

Sugar Plum Fairy 

Alexa Julian (10/19) / Annabel De Luca (10/20)

The Nutcracker – Act II “Waltz of the Flowers” 

Choreography by Andrea Paris
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Staged by Philip Pegler


Chloe Haggquist (10/19) / Simona Matiyevsky (10/20)

Dew Drop Fairy 

Ava Camargo (10/19) / Eva Share (10/20)

Flower Soloists 

Annabel De Luca & Eva Share (10/19) / Ava Camargo & Sage Melton (10/20)

Flower Blooms 

Sydney Chu, Audrey Costa, Devin Ellis, Mia Eriksson
Alec Giannini, Madison Hart, Stephanie Hernandez, Chloe Haggquist (10/20) Alexa Julian (10/20), Paloma Kasad, Ruksheen Kasad, Simona Matiyevsky (10/19) Sage Melton (10/19), Kylin Puita, Isabel Twomey

Flower Buds 

Sophia Comello, Sloane Escher, Dawn Joves, Ava Kadosh, Jordan Strong-Daniels, Chloe Thompson

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