Edna Vazquez will be performing with Pink Martini at the Golden State Theatre in Monterey on Tuesday, December 3rd – Read our exclusive interview with her!

EdnaBridgeMuralPhoto by Tania GomezDaza in front of mural by Ursula Barton

By: Ernesto Altamirano

Edna Vazquez is a fearless singer, songwriter and guitarist whose powerful voice and musical talent embrujan and transcend the boundaries of language to engage and uplift her audience. She is a creative crisol with a vocal range that allows her to paint seamlessly with her original material, an intersection of folk, rock, pop and R&B. Edna’s passion for music and performance grew from her bicultural raíces and, with songs deeply rooted in universal human emotion, she has traveled far and wide spreading her message of light, love and cultural healing. We’re grateful that she shared with us at Latino Edge part of her light in this interview:

Latino Edge: It truly is a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview you. Since earlier this year I shared with my readers at Latino Edge the news about the release of your new album Bésame Mucho with Pink Martini, I wanted to start by asking what was the inspiration behind this project?

Edna Vazquez: Thank you. Bésame Mucho is one of my most requested songs in the 2 years I’ve been touring with Pink Martini. People love that song, and that’s why we felt we needed to record that song. I’m honored to sing one of the most translated songs in the world. The composer, Consuelo Velázquez was born 30 minutes away from where I was born and grew up 17 years of my life, in México.

Do you have a special connection with the songs you selected for this album?

EV: It’s my first collaboration with Pink Martini, and I feel thrilled to have collaborated with one of my own original songs in this EP. The connection is the new beginnings my career has offered me by joining the band. They’re all role models to me.

Since this album was a collaborative project with Pink Martini, what would you say are they elements for a successful creative collaboration?

EV: First I imagine, then I envision when I create and express through music. But collaborating with Pink Martini (a dreamy orchestra any diva could dream of) the most important elements are: everybody in the same page about what we all would want to bring to the table for the audience, the songs, the story we would want to express; and a reciprocal honest communication and constructive feedback.

Here in Monterey we are very excited about your upcoming show with Pink Martini next Tuesday, December 3rd. Can you share with us what are some of the things you are most excited about this performance?

EV: Being near the sea moves my soul deeply to share my performance from the bottom of my heart.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with my audience at Latino Edge?

EV: Thank you for all your support, what would we be without your support and love? We will be singing our heart and soul to you! Are you ready to have fun, dance and dare to free yourself while you can? Enjoy Pink Martini!

¡Muchas gracias Edna!

Edna Vazquez will be performing with Pink Martini at the Golden State Theatre in Monterey on Tuesday, December 3rd.

Click here to buy tickets!

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