Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System Welcomes 4 Leap Year Babies

Baby Manuel Rosales PinedoBaby Manuel Arturo Rosales Pinedo

SALINAS, CA. February 29, 2020- Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System (SVMHS) is celebrating this leap year with the birth of four beautiful, healthy, bouncy babies! The February 29th activity at the hospital’s labor and delivery unit started just after midnight. Two boys and two girls were born between midnight and noon.

Manuel Arturo Rosales Pinedo is the first leap year baby born this morning at SVMH. He was born at 12:43 am weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces.

Manuel Rosales, Baby Manuel and mom Laura PinedoMom Laura Pinedo, Baby Manuel, Dad Manuel Rosales

“It’s really exciting that he was born on this date. We love him so much!” says Laura Pinedo baby Manuel’s mom. These first time parents are equally excited and say they need to figure out when they will celebrate their son’s birthday. “We might celebrate his birthday on March 1st but this is something we need to discuss,” says Manuel Rosales, baby Manuel’s dad. “We’re grateful to the staff for the great care they have provided.”

Baby Francesco VultaggioBaby Francesco Vultaggio

Baby Francesco Vultaggio is the third leap year baby born at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital at 3:00 am. He was born 2 weeks early and one day before his mom’s birthday.

Anabel Gomez, Baby Francesco and dad Frank VultaggioMom Anabel Gomez, Baby Francesco and Dad Frank Vultaggio

“It’s the best birthday gift I could ever ask for,” says Anabel Gomez, Francesco’s mom. “I think it’s so cool he was born on this day, it makes him extra special. We’ll probably celebrate his birthday with mine on March 1st”. His father was working in El Centro, Mexico, when he got the call that his wife was in labor. He arrived at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital just in time to witness the birth of his son. “The drive normally takes nine hours, it took me six and a half! I’m so grateful I made it in time. Our baby boy surprised us!” says proud dad Frank Vultaggio.

“It is truly an honor to witness life being born and its especially fun on a day like February 29”, says Dani Jago, MSN, RNC-OB, Clinical Manager, Labor & Delivery Unit & OB ED Unit.  “Our staff is taking great care of our new moms and babies. They make the patient experience their top priority. Congratulations to all the new parents!”

The second baby born at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital this morning is a girl. She was born at 2:30 am and the fourth baby also a girl was born at 11:44 am. These leap year babies as well as all babies born in the month of February were gifted a hand knitted red hat courtesy of our own dedicated hat making volunteers in recognition of February being National Heart Awareness Month.

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