The Homestead Bowl in Cupertino is Holding a Zoom Fundraising, Charity, and Awareness Bowling Event to Help Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus in The Bay Area


The Homestead Bowling Alley’s Mission is bigger than the Coronavirus…

It is time to give back to our Community and to ALL of our regular Friends and Family members who have supported us throughout the years.

…Many of us are practicing Social Distancing, but it does not mean we have to feel alone.

We would like to support each other by coming together over our Opening Ceremony of our New Zoom Bowling Party to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus and Awareness Event.
Living on the street is painful enough, and coronavirus only adds a greater need that someone be there to help you get through each day. Especially now we could use all of the help you could provide. Give as you are able. Pray for us as we navigate how best to love our neighbors.

How YOU Can Help

DONATE: This is new territory and our homeless friends are now faced with an acute shortage of places to get food or the ability to afford it.
But Americans have a history of pulling together in times of crisis and we are confident that people will rise to the challenge.
DONATIONS: The Homestead Bowling Alley is also in need of the following items: Travel-sized toiletry products, gloves, hand sanitizer, N95 masks, forehead thermometers, disinfecting cleaning supplies and Lysol wipes.

Donations can be mailed to: 20990 Homestead Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014
And for more details e-mail us at
Or Call 408.255.5700

Also, once our project gets implemented we will educate our customers to be smart and as cautious as possible to keep our volunteers, guests and staff healthy. We are enacting the following for each of our outreaches:
1. Bleach spray for all chairs, counter top, handrails every 30 minutes.
2. Signs as reminders about close contact and no to-go containers.
3. Currently looking at ways to safely screen guests.
4. We have currently removed the tables to discourage gathering

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