American Conservatory Theater announces a two-week extension for the critically-acclaimed production of ANIMAL WISDOM by Heather Christian

Pictured: Heather Christian and the cast of Animal Wisdom in the original film adaptation of the Bushwick Starr’s production of Animal Wisdom

SAN FRANCISCO (June 7, 2021)— American Conservatory Theater (Pam MacKinnon, Artistic Director; Jennifer Bielstein, Executive Director) and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company (María Manuela Goyanes, Artistic Director; Emika Abe, Managing Director) announced today a two-week extension for the original film adaptation of The Bushwick Starr’s (Noel Allain, Co-Founder/Artistic Director; Sue Kessler, Co-Founder/Creative Director) critically-acclaimed production of Animal Wisdom, created by and starring Heather Christian. Originally scheduled to conclude Sunday June 13, Animal Wisdom will now be available for streaming through Sunday June 27, 2021. Tickets are on sale now at

Tickets for Animal Wisdom are available at three pay-what-you-wish prices: $19, $29, and $49.

Do you believe in ghosts? Take a virtual front row seat for this original film of the acclaimed musical séance, Animal Wisdom, where singer-songwriter-soothsayer Heather Christian lays to rest the souls that haunt her. Christian shapeshifts between rock star, folklorist, and high priestess as she conjures a constellation of souls in an effort to confront her family’s mythologies.

With raucous, ferocious music that fuses blues, gospel and folk, Heather Christian invites you to raise a glass to the unseen forces that shape our lives. Adapted from the stage production that had a sold-out and acclaimed run at The Bushwick Starr, Animal Wisdom offers a transporting experience where a concert becomes a mass, and a mass becomes a séance, all in your living room.

Pictured: Heather Christian in the original film adaptation of the Bushwick Starr’s production of Animal Wisdom

Amber McGinnis (International Falls) will direct the film with stage direction by EmilynKowaleski (Delicious Filth). Production design is by Christopher Bowser (The Undertow), with costume design by Heather McDevitt Barton (Folk Wandering) and percussion design by Eric Farber. Aiden Korotkin serves as director of photography. Animal Wisdom was edited by Rachel Pearl. Brian Bender serves as score mix and music editor.

The cast of Animal Wisdom features Heather Christian (as “Ella,” “Doris,” “Heather”), Sasha Brown (as “Victor,” “Doris,” “Sasha”), Eric Farber (as “Myles,” “Doris,” “Eric”), B.E. Farrow (as “Doris,” “B.E.”), and Maya Sharpe (as “Heloise,” “Johanna,” “Doris,” “Maya”).

Animal Wisdom was made in collaboration with and features orchestrations by Heather ChristianSasha BrownFred EpsteinEric Farber & Maya Sharpe. The film will feature Piano & Vocals by Christian; Guitar, Cello & Vocals by Brown; Bass and Vocals by Epstein; Percussion & Vocals by Farber; Bass & Vocals by B.E. Farrow; and Violin & Vocals by Sharpe.

The film of Animal Wisdom is produced in association with Matt RossMadeleine Foster BersinOutskirt Media and The Bushwick StarrAnimal Wisdom was filmed at Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, D.C., in March of 2021.

The stage production of Animal Wisdom by Heather Christian was developed with support from The Bushwick Starr and world premiered in their 2017/2018 Season. Animal Wisdom was originally commissioned by the Leeds Playhouse, formerly known as the West Yorkshire Playhouse, where it was originally developed and presented as part of Transform Festival 2015.

Additional praise for Animal Wisdom:

“Heather Christian’s truly one-of-a-kind opus.” Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“A Southern-style avant-cabaret séance…part concert, part painful para-autobiography and part old-fashioned magic act.” Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

“One of the most searing and satisfying of our pandemic entertainments. The show is a powerhouse onscreen!” Chad Jones, TheaterDogs


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