IMMERSIVE FRIDA KAHLO will make its West Coast premiere at Lighthouse ArtSpace San Francisco at SVN West beginning March 12 and running through June 11, 2022!

Immersive Frida Kahlo – Photo credit Kyle Flubacker

SAN FRANCISCO (February 11, 2022)—Lighthouse Immersive, North America’s leading producer of groundbreaking experiential art exhibits, announces today that their newest immersive art installationIMMERSIVE FRIDA KAHLO, will make its West Coast premiere at Lighthouse ArtSpace San Francisco at SVN West (10 S. Van Ness Ave.) beginning March 12 and running through June 11, 2022. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (February 12) at Ticket prices start at $39.99 with timed and flexible options available. Immersive Van Gogh will continue to be on display on select days. 

On the heels of their critically acclaimed blockbuster, Immersive Van Gogh (on-view in 13 cities), Lighthouse Immersive has set their sights on the art and life of Frida Kahlo (19071954), the beloved 20th century Mexican artist best known for compelling self-portraits and radiant pieces inspired by her life in her native country of Mexico. The exhibition features some of the artist’s best-known works “brought to life” by the world-renowned master of digital art, Italy’s Massimiliano Siccardi, again accompanied by composer Luca Longobardi’s resonant score. Vittorio Guidotti is the Art Director. A brilliant, bold and uncompromising painter, Kahlo’s work is globally recognized for its raw emotional vitality, vibrant color work and unflinching intimacy.

“The success of Immersive Van Gogh has demonstrated that audiences are excited to experience art in a new way. Our Italian creative team are experts at digitally exploring masterworks in such a way that viewers are not merely passive observers. They obtain an even richer understanding of the artist by seeing the work as its creator might have,” said Lighthouse Immersive Producer Corey Ross. “That said, Siccardi presents Kahlo’s works in a format very distinct from that which he utilized in examining Van Gogh’s. He does not try to unify the many styles Kahlo used in her lifetime, but instead, presents them to us as a series of kinetic tableaus that may initially contradict—but eventually illuminate—each other.”

“Frida Kahlo’s work is uniquely suited to be explored in an immersive environment and her life story is equally fascinating,” added Lighthouse Immersive Producer Svetlana Dvoretsky. “Kahlo lived her life as one giant journey of exploration, and her art mirrored that journey. Our goal is to give our viewers more than an examination of her work; we also hope they will leave with a richer understanding of the smart, complex woman who created these timeless masterpieces.”

“In this piece, we will chase Frida’s world, always in motion,” adds Siccardi. “We will discover her tenderness and hostilities by taking in her observations and fantasies. Our hope is that viewers will let themselves be penetrated by Frida’s stories, and in so doing, live vicariously through her.”

Kahlo’s work bridges surrealist and magic realism traditions – blending authentic depictions of her life with fantastical elements reflecting her inner thoughts and struggles. Folk art, mysticism, surrealism, magic realism and a notably revealing series of self-portraits are all included in the projections. Among the works featured in the piece are The Two Fridas (1939), The Wounded Deer (1946), and Diego and I (1946), intermingled with an assortment of photographs, drawings and iconography. Alongside her paintings, Siccardi’s piece also includes photos of Kahlo at various ages and images of figures from Kahlo’s life that influenced her worldview. The projections are shown on Lighthouse Immersive’s massive architectural canvas, using state-of-the-art projectors for a crisp image and high-quality sound systems that heighten the mood-setting score.

In addition, IMMERSIVE FRIDA KAHLO debuts in the following cities throughout Winter/Spring 2022:

Dallas, now through April 17, 2022
Lighthouse ArtSpace Dallas, 507 S. Harwood Street, Dallas, TX 75201
Co-produced with Impact Museums
Boston, now through May 8, 2022
Lighthouse ArtSpace Boston, 130 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
Co-produced with Maestro Immersive Art
Houston, Feb. 17 through April 17, 2022
Lighthouse ArtSpace Houston, 1314 Brittmoore Road, Houston, TX 77043
Co-produced with Impact Museums
Chicago, Feb. 24 through May 30, 2022
Lighthouse ArtSpace Chicago, 108 W. Germania Place, Chicago, IL 60610
Co-produced with Maestro Immersive Art
Denver, March 3 through May 38, 2022
Lighthouse ArtSpace Denver, 3900 Elati Street, Denver, CO 80216
Pittsburgh, March 26 through May 28
Lighthouse ArtSpace Pittsburgh, 720 E. Lacock Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Co-produced with Impact Museums
Los Angeles, March 31 through June 11, 2022 
Lighthouse Art Space Los Angeles, 6400 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Co-produced with Impact Museums
Toronto: March 31 through May 29, 2022
Lighthouse Art Space Toronto 1 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M5E 1W7
For more information about IMMERSIVE FRIDA KAHLO, visit, @immersivefrida on Facebook and @fridaimmersive on Instagram.

In order to comply with the City of San Francisco’s vaccine mandate, visitors at Immersive Frida Kahlo will be required to present proof of full vaccination in order to enter the venue and attend the exhibit. Full vaccination means the person has received both doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Must be two weeks since receiving their final dose. In order to ensure this, patrons are required to upload their proof of vaccination to the below websites prior to visiting Immersive Frida Kahlo. Proof of this will be required to enter the venue. Residents of California should upload their proof of vaccination to: Residents from outside of California should upload their proof of vaccination to: Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the proof of vaccination requirement. Masks are mandatory while inside SVN West for all attendees, regardless of vaccination status.

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