Global superstar and immersive entrepreneur, J Balvin, announces the creation of OYE, the new bilingual, interactive wellness app!


Based on an original and inspiring idea by the global superstar, the OYE app will provide daily creative wellness practices in Spanish and English, starting in September  

OYE Co-Founders (left to right) – Mario Chamorro, Jose (J Balvin) & Patrick Dowd

PACIFICA, Calif. (May 17, 2022) – Global superstar and immersive entrepreneur, J Balvin, has announced the creation of OYE, the new bilingual, interactive wellness app. Balvin, the company’s co-founder and Chief Dream Officer, co-founded OYE with happiness activist and ed-tech executive, Mario Chamorro, global creative and social impact executive, Patrick Dowd, and journalist and media executive, Isaac Lee.  

Members who sign up for the OYE app before it launches this September will receive a 1-year free membership to OYE’s bilingual emotional wellness resources, as well as personal updates from Balvin himself. 

The idea for OYE originated from Balvin’s own journey with mental health and was inspired by his desire to help others overcome similar obstacles. The Grammy®-nominated and Billboard, Latin Grammy® and MTV Video Music Award-winning artist has been open about his personal experiences with mental health, an issue that is still considered taboo for much of the Latinx community, as well as for many other cultures around the world. By allowing his own experience to become the driving force behind his innovation, Balvin has turned a personally significant passion project into a platform that could dramatically improve the lives of others around the world. 

“Through my own journey with mental health and wellness, I was inspired and committed to bringing resources to more people around the world. With OYE, we have created a community-focused platform that will provide engaging and accessible emotional wellness practices for all,” said Balvin. “Everyone’s health journey is different and deeply personal. We wanted to not only encourage and allow people to prioritize emotional and mental health, but also provide diverse opportunities to the global community to build their own worlds of wellness in creative ways.”

To bring this project to fruition, Balvin has appointed personal therapist, Carlos Lopez, one of the leading psychologists in Latin America, to co-chair OYE’s Wellness Council with OYE’s Head of Wellness, Mari Sierra, a Mexican wellness leader and mind-body connection expert. 

OYE will provide daily wellness practices in Spanish and English to help members shift their moods with guided reflections, transform negative feelings through expressive movement practices, and improve relationships through listening. 

The content will be developed by OYE Creators, an eclectic community of bilingual wellness guides from throughout the Americas who bring unique perspectives and wellness practices honed through their experiences as professional healers, teachers, and artists. Balvin is deeply involved in the app’s development and rollout, working alongside experts such as Lopez and Sierra. 

Chamorro said, “OYE is designed for anyone who wants to feel better emotionally, physically, and socially with a special emphasis on bilingual young adults. Feeling better starts with exploring how you feel, so we want to provide members with a safe space to open up and connect with their full range of feelings. With this app, people can begin to normalize checking in with themselves every day through emotional wellness check-ins and guided wellness practices that help people work through emotions in the safety of their own home. In addition, the OYE Creators community will offer a platform for healers and artists to share creative bilingual wellness practices with much broader and more diverse audiences than ever before.”

“Embodiment and social healing are central to OYE’s methodology,” said Sierra, “OYE is not a cure for acute mental health issues; it is a community content platform for making emotional wellness part of your everyday life through mind-body connection. Our purpose is to help the world feel better and empower the next generation to be more in touch with themselves, their bodies, and their people.”

In addition to assembling a distinguished group of tech, media, and social impact powerhouses as co-founders, OYE recently raised a +$3.5mm pre-seed round. Early investors include Exile Content Studio, 17Sigma, Rodina, Expa, GreyMatter, Propeller Ventures, Gaingels, Alley Corp CEO Kevin Ryan, former Amazon executive Jeff Wilke, Future Ventures co-founder Maryanna Saenko, Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda, MasterClass and co-founder Aaron Rasmusen, and others.

For more information on OYE and updates on its September launch, visit or follow the company across its social platforms on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

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