Yoga Lin Idol World Tour 2023 is coming to the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts this Thursday, March 2, 2023!

The Idol World Tour is Yoga Lin’s dedication to fans where he brings his best performance and shares his insight of the word “idol”. Yoga Lin is directing all the details of the tour himself, with the tour winning 2021 iF design awards.

Whether on stage or in life, when fans come across obstacles, Yoga wishes to bring the motivation for everyone to overcome and move on. The slogan of this tour, “Nobody is (not) idol”, expresses Yoga’s wishes to be the force for his fans and that everyone can be someone else’s idol. The definition of “idol” can be the singer on stage or anyone who thrives in their field, or everyone who’s trying to live life. The idea that anyone can be someone’s idol encourages people to try their best to live, and make every day count.


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