PINK FLOYD LASER SPECTACULAR is coming to Golden State Theatre in Monterey on June 3rd, 2022!

PINK FLOYD LASER SPECTACULAR is coming to Golden State Theatre in Monterey on Friday, June 3rd, 2022!

Paramount’s LaserSpectacular is the smash hit multi-media laser and light show featuring the Original Master Recordings of Pink Floyd.

Paramount’s LaserSpectacular has become a cult classic, presenting the music of Pink Floyd as you’ve never seen before! The LaserSpectacular is the longest-running touring theater show in history, with the first presentation in 1986.

“Pink Floyd’s music is theatrical and visual,” says Paramount’s producer Steve Monistere. “You can imagine images when you listen to Pink Floyd’s music, and with no visual stimuli, there is still a show in your mind. Now imagine using lasers, lighting, video, and other special effects to suggest what your mind is ‘seeing’. That is why people love this show so much. It excites their visual, audio, and creative senses.”

The LaserSpectacular is a night of great music, fantastic visuals, and the audience participation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Nowadays, you will see classic rockers along with a new generation of fans! So, parents, score “cool points” with your teenagers and bring them along! 

Experience the light show of your life along with the soundtrack of Pink Floyd on Friday, June 3rd, 2022 at Golden State Theatre in Monterey!


For more information, please visit and follow them at!

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